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Folk Customs From Around the World

Folk customs (a.k.a. traditional customs) are developed and practiced primarily by small, homogeneous groups living in more isolated rural areas.

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Popular Culture As Global Culture

Popular customs are found in large, heterogeneous societies that share certain habits despite differences in personal characteristics.

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Global Cola Wars (and other familiar scenes)

A ubiquitous element of popular culture is the global soft drink and fast food industries.  Originating in North America, these popular products...

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Global Supermarket

Many products on the shelves of supermarkets in other countries are produced and traded all over the world, and are common to us all.

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Stop Signs from Around the World

The meaning of the sign is the same, no matter how you spell it.

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Dale Lightfoot







Dale Lightfoot is Professor in the Department of Geography at Oklahoma State University.  He has authored or co-authored more than 50 publications and has worked in or traveled through more than 140 countries.  Dr. Lightfoot enjoys “dusty boots” fieldwork and frequently travels to research historic landscapes, traditional uses of water, and human-environment relationships. He also loves to travel just for adventure; to experience random encounters, understand connections, appreciate difference, and to learn about the people and places of the world.


All photos copyrighted and taken by Dale Lightfoot (unless otherwise noted).




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